NPQEA - Programme

Day 1: Online Technical sessions and Assessments by local jurors (26th April 2023)
Day 2: Online Technical sessions and Assessments by local jurors (27th April 2023)
Day 3: Online Technical sessions and Assessments by local jurors (28th April 2023)
Day 4: Onsite Assessment of Gold Awardees (8th to 12th May 2023)
Day 5: Award Ceremony (26th May 2023)


Online Technical sessions will be assessed in 3 categories

Category 1: Micro Enterprises and Small and Medium private enterprises
Category 2: Large private and mid-market enterprises
Category 3: Government departments, parastatals and registered associations.

Technical presentations

Case studies/improvement projects will be presented online (minimum number of participants per team is 2/maximum number of participants is 5) according to a pre-determined timetable during a 2-day assessment on the 27th and 28th April 2023.Teams will be assessed as per the criteria established for the NPQEA 2022/23.

All presentations need to be sent to the NPCC on the 14th April 2023.
Presentation schedules will be communicated to you before the technical sessions
Teams will have the opportunity to do a test connection 2 days before their presentation
The presentation should be of 15 minutes followed by a 5-minute questions and answers from the jurors for a total of 20 minutes per slot.
One (1) timekeeper/ moderator will be present during the presentation.
Comments and feedback from the audience online will not be offered.
Each technical session presentation will be evaluated by three (3) judges.

There is no limitation on the number of slides to be presented: however, please keep in mind that the presentation must be completed in 15 minutes.

Presenting teams need to have:
Internet connection
Laptop with webcam and appropriate sound system (presentation on mobile phones will not be entertained)

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