The Philosophy

The NLE is based on the work of Noel Tichy, who ran GE’s Leadership Development Centre. Tichy’s teaching model posits that CEOs should engage with a virtuous learning cycle. He advocates that for organisations to be successful, leaders should be grown at all levels. Tichy argued that each leader has a teachable point of view, that is, an inspiring story that leaders use to define themselves and their values, with which they communicate and teach others to emerge as leaders. This Leadership Engine concept has been adapted to the national context whereby Mauritian Youth are being trained to develop a leadership pipeline by growing greatness.

Growing Greatness
Just like the tiny seed gives rise to a giant oak tree, similarly we, humans, have the capacity to assume gigantic proportions in terms of our positive influence on the world around us. The NLE project, has been conceived and designed in such a way that our young fellow countrymen at all levels, whether they work in the public or private sectors, whether students or unemployed, ALL develop and grow their potential to become leaders.

The NLE project is meant to transform youth into agents of positive change, resolute in their determination and drive to transform themselves and their immediate surroundings including their family, workplace and the community at large.

The project will enable the creation and profusion of community projects, which will have a visible and practical impact in the lives of our people. In the long run, while sustaining the virtuous learning cycle among young leaders and their peers, we wish to achieve a compounded synergy. In the process, our young emerging leaders will grow “Greatness” every day and let their beauty shine for a greater good.

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