NPCC in Rodrigues

Rodrigues forms an integral part in the overall strategy of the NPCC. Special consideration has been given to Rodrigues by the NPCC in the Strategic Plan 2016-2019. In view of the need of improving productivity and quality in Rodrigues to boost economic growth, the NPCC collaborated with the Rodrigues Regional Assembly (RRA) to formulate a “Strategic Action Plan to enhance productivity and competitiveness in Rodrigues” with the support of the relevant stakeholders. These included representatives from the public and private sector, trade unions, nongovernmental and community-based organisations of Rodrigues. A Productivity Committee (PC) was set up in Rodrigues to oversee and coordinate the overall execution of the strategic plan. The Chairperson of the Rodrigues Productivity Committee is a co-opted member in the NPCC.

Almost every project initiated by the NPCC covers Rodrigues, which has witnessed a significant rise in the number of economic activities. Besides, social life in Rodrigues has also seen an uplift which has further motivated the NPCC to further extend its focus to the island.

Right from the NPCC's beginning in the year 2000, the Council has continuously been implementing projects in Rodrigues. The very first Productivity Committee in Rodrigues was set up in December 2000. This productivity committee coordinated all the activities of the NPCC on the island and constituted six sub committees that involved a total of 115 persons from the public and private sectors, trade unions and Non-Governmental Organisations.

As the years went by, an increasing number of projects were implemented in Rodrigues, mainly training programme for micro, small and medium entrepreneurs, women and young students. These included the Muda Free Public Service Programe in 2001, the Special Programme for Unemployed Women in 2006/2007, InnovEd as from 2009, the Civic Action Teams (CATs) Conventions from 2001 to 2009, the Project Cycle Management Course for NGOs in 2013, 'Assises de l'Entreprenariat' and Innovation Workshops in in 2013, Salon de la Formation et des Métiers in 2013, Green Industry in 2016, GoExport in 2016, Gap Analysis for Association des Hotels de Charme in 2016, Creativity and Innovation for Rodriguan students in 2017, Today’s Teens Tomorrow’s Leaders in 2016 and 2017, Design Thinking course for primary students in 2018 and Training for women (agriculture, fishing and handicrafts) in 2018.

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