The Challenges

The Mauritian economy has come a long way since the post-independence period to impose itself as a model for its African counterparts, particularly when it comes to economic prosperity, political stability and social progress. It has continuously reformed itself over the years so as to perform to its optimum and geared itself to better respond to the challenges unfurling in the highly volatile global economic environment.

However, the advent of globalisation coupled with the uncertainties provoked by numerous economic disruptions and lately by the Covid-19 pandemic are now presenting new challenges. Our economy has to devise novel strategies in an effort to remain productive and competitive. The effort is also to continuously increase inclusiveness in society.

We are aware that the future has many challenges and opportunitis in store for us. But we are convinced that if we all make productivity our priority (public sector, private setor, trade unions and civil society) and value positive habits, patriotism and pride in work, we can contribute to a better tomorrow for ourselves and future generations.

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