Fundamental Vision and Values

The NLE project contributes to achieving the Vision of the Government through the development of a new breed of leaders who can thrive in the volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) environment and contribute to the citizen’s well- being.

The core values guiding the participants of NLE project are as defined by the Mauritian Leadership brand being: Innovating and Trusted Leaders working Together towards Excellence.

The Mauritius Leadership Brand (MLB) has two major elements: the fundamentals leadership codes and the differentiators which our leaders must master.
The Leadership codes
Strategist: Shape the future
Talent Manager: Engage today’s talent
Executor: Make this happen
Next Generation Developer: To build next generation leaders.

The Differentiators:
Together: Leaders must be able to pull people together and collectively achieve set goals.
Innovating: Leaders must be able to apply innovative thinking to leadership tasks and create a climate where everyone applies innovative thinking to solve problems and develop new products and services.
Trusted: Leaders must act selflessly and do what he or she says they will for the common good.
Excellence: Leaders must be visionary, ethical and strive for delivering world class results.

Project Objectives
• TO SHOW THE WAY by sensitising youth about leadership
• To trigger inspiration to help them ADOPT THE WAY
• TO CULTIVATE THE WAY through enabling a pipeline of leader trainers
• To teach a team of trainers for coaching youth in youth centres on LEADING THE WAY.
• TO WALK THE WAY through training and empowerment of youth to implement leadership projects for the community.
• TO MEASURE THE WAY by evaluating the leadership engine projects through given KPIs.
• TO CELEBRATE THE WAY by show-casing leadership engine projects through a convention and recognition programme.
• TO INCULCATE THE WAY to sustain a culture of leadership by engaging celebrated youth leaders inspired by their successful experiences to feed the leadership pipeline.

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