Roles and Responsibilities

Roles and Responsibilities of Innovation Champion
1. The Innovation Champion will be a Head of Department or Senior Educator as designated by the Rector.

2. The Innovation Champion will motivate facilitators and students to participate in InnovEd 2023 and submit at least one project under each theme.

3. The Innovation Champion will be the focal point for all innovation related projects at the level of the Innovation Club. The Innovation Champion will oversee the Innovation Club and will work together with facilitators and students to organise events and foster a spirit of creativity and innovation among teams.

4. All tokens/gifts/donations received by the Innovation Champion will be recorded at the Innovation Club Administration Logbook and should be made available to the Rector or visiting staff of the NPCC for inspection.

5. The Innovation Champion will be called upon to attend training sessions and meetings both face to face or online when required.

6. The Innovation Champion will organise events during the International Innovation Day – 21st April at the school level to showcase innovative projects by members of the Innovation Club.

Roles and Responsibilities of Desk Officer
1. The Desk Officer will be responsible for all administrative matters and act as a liaison officer e.g. registration of schools and team formation.

2. The Desk officer will report to the Rrector and the Innovation Champion for any matter relevant to InnovEd 2023.

Role and Responsibilities of Facilitator
1. The facilitator will have to coach and motivate the teams to come up with innovative projects under each theme, acknowledge the submission of ideas and monitor the progress of projects.

2. He/She will also ensure that all participants in the group complete the quizzes for Phases 1 to 5 of the InnovEd Online Challenge on

3. Encourage participants to submit deliverables for the all the above phases.

4. Ensure that all deadlines for submission of project are met.

5. Ensure that participants’ online activity is monitored. Online safety of participants is crucial and any incident should be reported to the NPCC.

6. Organise Zoom, Microsoft Team or Whatsapp meetings with all group of participants.

Roles and Responsibilities of Participants

1. Complete online quiz from Phases 1 to 5 of on

2. Submit all deliverables as required in each phase.

3. Meet all deadlines for project submission.

4. Maintain correct online etiquette and report any incident to facilitator or NPCC Staff.

5. Actively participate in Zoom or Microsoft Team or Whatsapp meetings with the group.

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