Knowledge Base

Discover how you can enhance your knowledge base by learning from others. We have compiled a list of articles and videos to enlighten you on the ways and practices adopted by organisations onshore and ashore, where the COVID-19 pandemic has left no one indifferent.

-Covid-19: Understanding some of the legal implications for businesses: The Mauritius Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI) has shed light on the legal implications of the Covid-19 pandemic in a newly released document lately. Download the document here.

-Using a Prioritisation Grid to discover more opportunities for your business: NPCC Webinar by Ketan Varia, Founder of Kinetic Solutions, UK on 29 May 2020: (1) Presentation Slides (2) Watch the webinar here.

-Improving your Cash Conversion Cycle: NPCC Webinar by Yukitoshi Tanno, Aggregator Japan Inc.Chief Executive,Management Consultant on 22 May 2020: (1) Presentation Slides (2) Watch the webinar here.

-The International Trade Centre (ITC) is an international organization fully dedicated to supporting the competitiveness of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs). Access insights and guidance to small businesses searching for ways to cope with the operational stress generated by COVID-19, particularly in developing countries on

-SMEs need to go Digital: NPCC Webinar by Kelvin Chan, Director and Principal Consultant, Teian Consulting International Pte Ltd (15th May 2020) (1) Presentation Slides (2) On-demand recording

-Robot adoption key factor in productivity growth post-Covid-19
-How Innovation Is Driving Productivity During And Beyond The COVID-19 Pandemic
-Rapid Revenue Recovery: The article by Mc Kinsey focuses on ?the second horizon?, that is the need to plan for recovery, and how companies can accelerate what they do and how they work to capture revenue quickly for the recovery
-Managing crisis inside during a crisis outside - The importance of a pandemic plan
-What is the future for Industry 4.0 in the post Covid-19 paradigm?
-Fall in productivity single biggest concern among many firms, says EY survey
-7 Strategies for Leaders to Stay Productive Even When Stressed
-Coronavirus: 10 ways leaders can support their teams whilst working remotely
-Leadership is only possible with transparency

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