The Continuous Improvement Productivity Framework


The NPCC is proposing an Enterprise Continuous Improvement Productivity Framework, to better guide enterprises in their productivity and quality improvement journey and build a productivity culture in the Mauritian companies.
The framework presents a strategic approach for improving productivity in enterprises as well as clear guidelines for establishing productivity and quality measurement criteria while considering the skills development of the people as well as local and international platforms for the sharing of experiences and best practices.
Through the proposed framework, gaps and opportunities for improvement will be identified for public and private organisations. The three- year framework of intervention includes not only tools and techniques to be implemented at different levels by a company but also the potential capacity building, training and development to be acquired within the enterprise. Certifications associated with full implementation of some tools will be awarded to give the recognition deserved by the enterprise for a long-term and excellent implementation of a tool and technique.

Click here to download an overview of the Enterprise Continuous Improvement Productivity Framework.

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