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It is universally agreed that a business must continually transform itself to meet the challenges on its path. This is where the National Productivity and Competitiveness Council (NPCC) comes to the forefront with its expertise and know-how to accompany businesses in their journey towards higher productivity and more efficiency.

The NPCC was set up in 2000 after the enactment of the National Productivity and Competitiveness Council Act No. 9 in 1999 with the objective to stimulate and generate productivity and quality consciousness and drive the productivity and quality movement in all sectors of the economy. The NPCC operates the following units, namely Capacity Development, Corporate Services and Operations; Business Development and Consultancy; Innovation, Advocacy and Entrepreneurship; Research, Advisory and Knowledge Management and Productivity and Competitiveness Learning Centre.

The NPCC works with various stakeholders such as the Government, private sector, trade unions, youth, women, senior citizens, the civil society and the general public to implement productivity-driven initiatives and projects. The Council is active in areas such as productivity movement in enterprises, women empowerment, leadership, innovation, among others. The ultimate goal is to help in the emergence of a productivity culture among our citizens that strengthens our national identity and contributes in continuously improving our daily lives.

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V.Kanhye Health Foods Co. Ltd.

English Bay Co. Ltd.

Chelvan Furniture Ltd.

AAH Upholstery Ltd.

Axess Ltd.

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