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The Discussion Forum is the place where you can share your experience and best practices on how you are coming along with tackling the challenges brought by the COVID 19 pandemic as well as other challenges you face in your business. You may also share your own experience and create the synergy among stakeholders to contribute in learning and growth.

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The first module on how to protect my people and setting up the Emergency Response Team was very useful for me. I run a pre-primary school and knowing how to properly implement Covid-19 response plan is critical as we have to keep our students protected. The module answered many of my questions and guided me in setting up the team. Great initiative from the NPCC.
by Chamlesh Kissoondharry - Director Shining Minds Limited on 26.05.2020

Thank you NPCC Team for providing the EPS platform with a proper sequence of pragmatic guidelines. Being in the Tourism Industry, this will be healthy to the best course of action. Your piece of advice and support will definitely be integral to the process. With gratitude, Roomesh
by Roomesh on 26.05.2020

Hitzgifts Co ltd has implemented the 5S under the guidance of NPCC which have helped a lot in terms of productivity and quality products to customer and also to be very competitive on the local market. We follow the timely delivery of goods, sometimes overnight. Our company works mainly with wood and acrylic. We produce acrylic and wooden based products and office partitioning. We will customise the acrylic according to your office table in any shape. We are fully equipped with sophisticated laser machine and high trained personel.We have sufficient acrylic stock to supply at least 50 companies. We think out company will be very helpful for the reopening of our economy. We are located at Vacoas, provide delivery and fixing. More important is that we ensure the maintenance of our products after placement. Thank you again NPCC.
Hitzgifts Co Ltd : 59159007
by Hitzgifts Co Ltd on 19.05.2020

Thank you for the comments. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want us to help you implement some productivity tools and techniques.
by NPCC on 16.05.2020

Inventory and Just in time concept to increase efficiency and decrease waste is very interesting. Good initiatives!?
by Weddy Sooriah on 15.05.2020

If you were on the digital call today, I listened in from a point of curiosity. It was a good intro in what needs to be done and what can be achieved. What can help is the creation of frameworks to start using ie -customer experience- the net promoter score. project management - agile. tools - Trello, Slack, Zoom, these are collaborative tools and free.
by Nishaan Saccaram on 15.05.2020

Dear NPCC Team. I will like to convey my thanks for the effort put by NPCC during this difficult time for everyone. The modules on the EPS are very well thought and give a very clear insight on practically all aspect of running and sustaining a business. The module 1 on Protect your People has been very helpful to us as we are busy preparing resumption of activity with the safety of our personnel and customers as top priority. Each and every idea developed in module 1 has given us more confidence on how we will start and maintain our activity. The module helped us to develop 15 steps which we refer as our Protocol for resumption of activities. I will highly recommend every entrepreneurs to make use of the EPS Program.
by Vinay Kanhye -Director V Kanhye Health Foods Co Ltd on 14.05.2020

Heartiest thanks to the entire team of npcc mauritius for setting in place such a platform. It is a very supportive programme. Food for thought.
by Intertech Contracting Company limited on 14.05.2020

Thank you Annie. Hope you do not miss our coming webinars- this Friday 15th May on the need for SMEs to go digital. Next Tuesday, 19th May on how to drive excellence and actions post COVID-19 and on the 22nd May on how to improve your cash conversion cycle- with our international collaborators.
by NPCC on 12.05.2020

All help from NPCC is vital in post-Covid times to entrepreneurs. On top of financial assistance, what we need is a platform to share ideas and do some networking. SMEs have to help/ empower each other in those difficult times. NPCC could bring assistance in providing CPDs on innovative ideas, all the financial aspects of handling a company, the Tech side: how to go digital/ online shopping... For those in the retail sector, the next issue will be to move online and provide delivery facilities...
by Annie on 12.05.2020

A quick note to share that we are actually taking the lockdown as an opportunity for catching up all technical / online training from overseas suppliers on products/services and innovations.
by Suraj ,Scomat Ltee on 12.05.2020

Interesting platform from NPCC to share our thoughts and views. In this time of crisis we should focus on constructive and positive thinking. It is high time for us to reinvent ourselves and think of new strategies for our development. We have been too much geared towards a service economy in the recent years that we have been neglecting the agricultural and manufacturing industry/light engineering. Without letting down what we have achieved in tourism and service economy, we should re-start to work towards a self sufficiency in the food industry as it was being encouraged in the 80's. Regarding the manufacturing industry which is more of my concern, a lot of development can still be done so as to decrease our dependency on imported finished goods. As for now, our company namely, Creative Sign which deals with signs, printing and displays, we are temporarily orienting our production towards protection/safety signs against Covid 19 as well as sneeze/cough barriers made from acrylic sheets. For the local manufacturing industry to improve and innovate, there is no doubt that we will be needing the help and support of the NPCC. Regards Parvez Muttur Creative Sign Ltd 08.05.2020
by Parvez Muttur- Creative Sign Ltd on 08.05.2020

Thank you NPCC for this platform. While businesses have been operating mostly as per the market demand, the actual situation in our local and limited resources will depend on the supply side. Output may be the result of several parameters and may not necessarily be profitable : An enterprise may be able to produce as per the number of employees it can accommodate while considering resources available in order to respect for example social distance ( workstation area, public area, number of toilets, cost of keeping employees safe...)
by Sarjoo Gooroochurn - Compliance and Risk Assessment on 07.05.2020

GOD BLESS US AND PROTECT US ALL. Well, it is sure that this situation is unique for the world and everyone is praying for it to be over. But the fact remains that everyone is confined in its own thinking, visualizing and anticipating the future. Some are stressed and others are active from home on the social media and getting a lot of information. But we business people should be thinking in a very opportunistic way and positively in such a terrible time. GOD made this situation happen and HE is preparing a better way to make the world better. So, Friends take this unique opportunity to learn, share and encourage others to overcome this crisis. We can do nothing except prepare the recovery. NPCC should be congratulated to have put this platform so that each of us share their experience and ideas. Lets use it and prepare the recovery.
by Maya Sewnath, SSS Furniture Co Ltd on 06.05.2020 on 06.05.2020

Well done to you and your team NPCC MAURITIUS. You worked really hard for the safety of the people of Mauritius few days back I was thinking how the things will get to normal thumbsup to whole team of NPCC Mauritius by creating Enterprise Productivity Solutions Platform" which has been set up to provide a series of practical guidelines to help us resolve our problems proactively and implement the right solutions for our enterprise.The 9 guidelines have been well designed to help us resolve our problems proactively and with confidence and apply the right solutions for our enterprise. Thank you
by Mrs Saada Shahid on 05.05.2020

40 years of experience in General Metal Workshop was a long journey for ZAKDA Wrought Iron Co Ltd.I was reading the comments and I think it is a difficult situation for all of us. But it is amazing how fast businesses and even at individual levels are implementing visual management: floor marking for social distancing and acting in a more disciplined way. All this reminds me of 5S implementation at our company in the year 2014. We are now located at the Coromandel Industrial Park for SMEs and even after all these years we have kept the culture of 5S in our company and now imparting the knowledge to new comers. We still have our shadow board for our tools and floor markings in place. Keep the good work, NPCC will always have my Blessing. Nizam Mandarun Director ZAKDA Wrought Iron Co. Ltd
by ZAKDA Wrought Iron Co, Ltd on 05.05.2020

Thumbs up to the Rey and Lenferna team! While Covid-19 indeed poses a significant threat to businesses around the world, it tends to be even more devastating to SMEs as we usually rely on internal cash to run business activities. Liquidity issue remains a massive concern. At AAH Upholstery Ltd, measures need to be put in place to first of all, address the cash flow problem and protect jobs. NPCC remains the best platform where we always have tailor made solutions to all kinds of business problems. We will be once again collaborating with the NPCC on a strategic and planning exercise that caters to our goals and objectives. I found the different modules very helpful especially the one on cash flow management. We wish the best of luck to other businesses around Mauritius.
by Neelofar Himamalee, AAH Upholstery Ltd on 04.05.2020

Thank you Arvind for sharing your experience with us. This also help other companies to protect their people when work resumes.
by NPCC on 04.05.2020

As a caring company for our employees we, at Rey & Lenferna Ltd are taking this situation very seriously at all ends. We have come up with a post confinement protocol where every aspects have been taken into consideration as health and safety of our employees is utmost important. 1. Every department has to provide his plan and logistics for continuing work. 2. Prevention measures such wearing of mask compulsory, hand sanitizer, temperature check, decontamination trays for everyone accessing our premises. 3. Use of technology for meeting with internal and external clients. 4. Provision of face mask, hand sanitizer to every worker. Frontliners will be equipped with special gears. Training will be given. Special protocol for disposing the used ones. Isolation rooms for workers in case of emergency. 5. Encouraging work from home. Strengthening business continuity procedures. 6. Mess room rearrangement, additional seats in premises, well ventilated rooms discourage use of air conditioning units, eat at desk, flexible working time. Provision of private transport. We are encouraging everyone to go in this direction for combating the virus. We would like to thank the NPCC for providing support in this initiative. regards Senior Safety and Health Officer Arvind.
by Arvind Cheenatur, Rey & Lenferna Ltd on 02.05.2020

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