Rules and Regulations- NPQEA 2024

NOTE: Registration extended till 28 February 2024.

Rules and Regulations NPQEA 2024 

·       The NPQEA is open to all organisations in the Republic of Mauritius including Rodrigues Island  
·       All participants in each category will compete for a Gold, Silver or Bronze Award during assessments scheduled for April/May 2024.
·       A site visit will be conducted at the seat of Gold Awardees in each category to select the Grand Winner. 
·       Entry to the NPQEA shall be made on the online prescribed registration form and submitted by the 28th (noon) February 2024.
·       Only projects implemented in 2022/2023 and first quarter of 2024 are eligible for participation. 
·       The participants are not allowed to register a project already submitted at the last edition 2022/2023.
·       Registration sent after the registration deadline will not be considered. An incomplete registration form will not be considered. 
·       Providing false information and data will disqualify the participating teams.
·       You will receive a notification of your participation at the National Productivity and Quality Excellence Award 2024 by email after registration closes. You will be convened to the training sessions afterwards. 
·       Send your final presentation slides to the NPCC at least 1 week before the online presentation. 
·       More than one participant can deliver the presentation bearing in mind that the time allocated for the presentation is 15 minutes and it will be an online presentation. 
·       Inform the organisers if you have any special presentation requirements other than PowerPoint such as: Video, Internet access or computer audio, etc. 
·       Failure to turn- up at your allocated timeslot will be interpreted as a withdrawal from the competition. 
·       The judges’ decision for the online and onsite assessments shall be final. The NPCC shall not entertain any request/review related to the final jurors’ decision. 

Participation in ICQCC 2024 Sri Lanka
Note that the NPCC will sponsor only ONE participant per team in each of the Grand Winner category.

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