Digital Transformation Executive - Enterprise Go Digital


1)     Objective of the Role
The role of the incumbent is to provide support for the smooth implementation of the Enterprise Go Digital project (EGD) from the onboarding process to the successful implementation of the different modules on the EGD platform.

2)     About the Enterprise Go Digital project
Enterprise Go Digital is a project spearheaded by the NPCC to provide digital solutions to MSMEs including mid-size enterprises. It is a one stop shop for enterprises to manage their end-to-end processes. The core modules enumerated below is presently running on the Enterprise Go Digital Platform.

·        Sales automation: This module allows users to create, manage leads, maintain customer database, send quotations and invoices amongst others.
·        Inventory management: This module helps to track and monitor stock.
·        Production management: This application is based on best practices of lean manufacturing giving a flexibility and agility to enterprises to manage their production efficiently.
·        Enterprise marketing management: This module provides features such as developing a marketing plan, creation of marketing content and customer support.
·        Service/Project Management: This module allows for the creation of templates and service requests as per customer requirement.

It is also expected to develop ten new modules to be hosted on the platform in 2024.

3)     Main Tasks and Duties
·        To assess client technology needs and requirements
·        To build the business requirement documents for the enterprises.
·        To capture and document the business cases, issues, user stories, acceptance criteria, metrics, functional and non-functional requirements and support enterprises in doing so.
·        To work closely with the solution provider to ensure understanding of business rules and facilitate intervention in enterprises.
·        To support enterprises on the onboarding process of the Enterprise Go Digital platform by providing handholding and mentoring in the planning and execution as well as reporting to the NPCC project team on the below project tasks: 

o   Data Passing and migration
o   User acceptance tests
o   On site user training and handholding to use the applications
o   Post go-live support to enterprises.

·        To identify, capture and report on different bugs and issues faced by the enterprises to the solution provider/NPCC project team as well as document the enhancement requests. 
·        To conduct research, learn and provide guidance on how to enhance the platform functionality and conduct quality assurance regularly on the platform.
·        To provide application support to enterprises as and when needed.
·        To work closely with business leads, end users, development team, quality assurance team, project team of NPCC and stakeholders to ensure a smooth communication and implementation of the enterprise go digital project.
·        To act as Brand Ambassador for the NPCC
·        To provide support in all the activities related to the Enterprise Go Digital project. 

4)     Terms of Employment
4.1  The post will be on a 12 month contract with possibility of renewal based on performance.
4.2  Monthly Basic Salary - Rs42,530
4.3  Monthly Fixed travelling -  Rs7,000
4.4 Leaves – as per regulations in force.
4.5   24 hours per day and 7 days per week General Insurance cover and Medical Insurance cover

5)     Requirements
5.1  Qualifications
·        Degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, Engineering, or relevant software/computer related fields.

5.2  Experience
·        Minimum 2 years’ experience in software development, testing or support environment

5.3  Competencies
·        Honest and trustworthy
·        Demonstrate sound work ethics
·         Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
·        Self-control: handling complaints
·        Adaptable and Flexible, can-do attitude and Ability to work under pressure
·        Autonomous and self-driven.
·        Ability to work in a fast-pace environment and within a team. 

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