Technical Presentations

Technical presentations
• Online Technical sessions will be assessed in 3 categories
• Category 1: Micro Enterprises and Small and Medium private enterprises
• Category 2: Large private enterprises
• Category 3: Government departments, parastatals and registered associations.

• Case studies/improvement projects will be presented by teams (maximum number of participants per team is 3) according to a pre-determined time table. Teams will be assessed as per the criteria established for the NPQC 2020-2021.
• All presentations need to be sent to the NPCC two (2) weeks before assessment dates: A Powerpoint presentation in English with a short script explaining each slide.
• Presentation schedules will be communicated to you before the technical sessions
• Teams will have the opportunity to do a test connection the week before their presentation
• The presentation should be of 15 minutes followed by a five minutes questions and answers from the jurors for a total of 20 minutes per slot
• One (1) timekeeper and one (1) moderator will be present for each session slots.
• All Powerpoint presentations can be accessed online during the assessments by the local and international jurors.
• Comments and feedback from the audience online will not be offered. Yet after each slot/ stream, the audience will be invited to write their feedback on the presentations which can be forwarded to the participating companies as improvement ideas.
• Each technical session presentation will be evaluated by three (3) judges
• There is no limitation on the number of slides to be presented: however, please keep in mind that the presentation must be completed in 15 minutes.
• The jurors will access all presentations before the technical assessments days and will already conduct a pre-evaluation of the projects.

Equipment required:
Presenting teams need to have:
1. PC or Laptop with webcam
2. Zoom Pre-installed on the PC or laptop
3. Good internet connection

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