About NPQC

One of the functions of the National Productivity and Competitiveness Council (NPCC) is to ‘promote and develop greater productivity and quality awareness and consciousness amongst the public, and organise awards to recognise individuals, teams and organisations for their outstanding achievements in quality and productivity.’ The third edition of the National Productivity and Quality Convention (NPQC 2020-2021) is scheduled for November 2020- April 2021.

NPQC 2020-2021 is being organized in exceptional circumstances:
(1) The negative impact of COVID-19 pandemic is still felt worldwide and Mauritius is faced with competing challenges as it continues to navigate the impacts of the pandemic. A virtual organization of the NPQC is privileged to adapt to the new normal and to keep the momentum of mutual learning and sharing.
(2) Public and private organisations have had to prioritise the NOW and the NEW NORMAL by protecting their people, stabilizing revenues, managing customers and suppliers, identifying new ways of doing business or providing a service and communicating differently with their stakeholders.
(3) This backdrop presents an opportunity and a need for many organisations to review their competences, to be more digital, data-driven, to have more variable cost structures, lean operations and to innovate.
Hence the theme of NPQC 2020: Pursuing Quality and Productivity amidst COVID-19 pandemic.


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