NPCC raises curtain on NLE 2021

Ebène, 22 March, 2021: After two successful editions in 2019 and 2020, the NPCC now raises the curtain on a new chapter of the National Leadership Engine (NLE 2021), for which registration is now open to Mauritians aged between 16 and 40. Prospective participants can register on the following link:

The training of participants is scheduled to start on 10th April and end on 3rd July and will cover some 12 weeks combining training and project implementation. The NLE training will enable youth to apply basic productivity concepts during the implementation of projects. It will also give them an opportunity to build their personal competence, confidence, and character as a leader. 

The youth will be empowered to build trust in their leadership capabilities while developing social competence and team spirit through better decision-making and principle-centered leadership. Being part of NLE will enable them to solve problems and innovate while developing their critical thinking skills. As part of the training, the participants will have the opportunity to implement a project.

According to the Executive Director of the NPCC, Mr. Ashit Gungah, this third edition will keep on its promise to create more young leaders in the country who will contribute in the social and economic advancement of the nation in the future. “We are setting the benchmark even higher now as we are expecting more youth to embark on this journey. The success of the two previous editions as well as the enthusiasm shown by former participants have motivated us to come up with the present edition and we have no doubt we will pave the way for more young Mauritians to become leaders of the 21st century,” says Mr. Gungah.

More than 500 youths were trained and 80 projects were implemented in the two previous editions of the NLE. Former team leaders of NLE 2019 participated in NLE 2020 as co-trainers. The projects focused on issues in the participants’ respective communities, for which they had to come up with sustainable solutions and through the whole project demonstrate their abilities and leadership skills.  The NLE is an initiative of the NPCC in collaboration with the Ministry of Youth Empowerment, Sports and Recreation with the objective of developing a leadership pipeline to achieve higher productivity and a better living for the nation.

The NLE project aims at building leadership capabilities among youth in Mauritius. The NLE is based on the “Leadership Brand”, developed by the NPCC with various stakeholders in 2015. It consists of four differentiators: Together, Innovating, Trusted and Excellence. The project is the first of its kind in Mauritius and strongly involves the present generation of our people to learn and adopt leadership skills, which will in turn have a positive impact on our economy and society as a whole. The overall aim of the project is to influence the youth of today to emerge as self-confident leaders in the Mauritius of the future, thus creating a new breed of leaders at all levels, who can operate seamlessly in the public and private sectors and civil society.

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