NLEAD holds first meeting

Ebène, 15 April 2021: Former participants of the National Leadership Engine (NLE) project in 2019 and 2020 gathered for the first time in an online meeting on Thursday, marking the launch of the NLE Action Drivers (NLEAD) platform. The NLEAD, itself an offshoot of the NLE project, aims at giving a wider dimension to projects implemented under the NLE. The purpose of the NLEAD in each region is to provide a platform for the participants of NLE to continuously demonstrate their leadership capabilities at community level through the implementation of projects and inspiring other youth to become leaders in a spirit to keep the engine moving. Each NLEAD will be urged to register themselves as an association with a proper operating structure to deliver on their respective projects.

This first online meeting was an opportunity for the members to learn about the structure of the NLEAD and what are expected from them as leaders and agents of positive change in the society.

Mr. Ashit Gungah, Executive Director of the NPCC, in his welcome note exhorted members of the NLEAD associations to continue inspiring other young people to embark on NLE and NLEAD mission. "At a time the world is facing a number of health, social and economic challenges, it has become crucial to think differently so that we can come up with solutions to counter these challenges," he pointed out.

Mr. Dev Appalswamy, Director, Capacity Development, Corporate Services and operations of the NPCC, gave an overview of the operations of the Productivity Committee that has been set up by the NPCC. He further explained that the NLEAD is a platform where youth will be able to experience personal growth and at the same time contribute to the social progress and development of the country.

The online meeting on Thursday kicked off with a pledge by the members.

An online election was held on 27 March to elect the executive teams for the different NLEAD associations. Presently, the NLEAD counts a total of 100 members in the following areas: Black River, Flacq, Grand Port, Moka, Pamplemousses, Plaines Wilhems (Lower), Plaines Wilhems (Upper), Port Louis, Rivière du Rempart and Savanne. Besides members, the different groupings will also have mentors to guide them in their activities.


The pledge


As Young Leaders:

We will shape the future of our Nation to meet the aspirations of our people

We will make things happen by working together in mutual trust

We will engage today’s talent to innovate for sustainable development.

We will build the next generation of leaders to make tomorrow better than today

 We will strive for excellence by raising our abilities to the height of our goals

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