NLE 2020: Training of participants kicks off

Ebène, 13 July, 2020: The training of participants under the second edition of the National Leadership Engine (NLE) project kicked off on Saturday 11 July across 10 youth centres. The first session gathered in each youth centre the trainers, co-trainers, youth officers and NPCC representatives who started facilitating and delivering the training to some 600 registered participants.

The training, which will span over a period of 12 weeks, will be a blend of both face to face sessions at the youth centres and virtual coaching sessions. This year, the team leaders who participated in NLE 2019, are back in NLE 2020 as co-trainers.

The nine youth centres where the training is being held are Rivière du Rempart, Triolet, St. Francois Xavier, Barkly, Floréal, Tamarin, Flacq, Souillac and Mahébourg as well as Ebène (NPCC).

In his welcome address to the participants, the Executive Director of the NPCC, Mr. Ashit Gungah, stressed on the need to prepare our youth to face the numerous challenges of the future and stated that the NLE project becomes even more important in the current context impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The training on leadership will give you the opportunity to develop your skills and talents, which will help you to implement projects,” Mr. Gungah said, adding that the first edition of the NLE witnessed a tremendous success last year.

A refresher course for 30 trainers was held on 28 and 29 February at the NPCC as the first in the series of activities intended to bring this national initiative towards its objective of building leadership capabilities among youth in Mauritius.

The training will take the participants through a number of practical sessions during which they will work on community based projects that will bring a positive impact in the society.  

It is worth noting that some 300 youths were trained and 41 projects were implemented in NLE 2019.The NLE project is the first of its kind in Mauritius and involves the youth to learn and adopt leadership skills, which will in turn have a positive impact on our economy and society as a whole. The overall aim of the project is to influence the youth of today to emerge as self-confident leaders in the Mauritius of the future, thus creating a pipeline of leaders at all levels, who can operate seamlessly in the public and private sectors and civil society.

The NLE is based on “The Leadership Brand” for Mauritius which was conceived with the idea of helping in the emergence of effective leaders with the ability to lead in different fields. The Mauritian leadership brand is based on the Leadership Codes and the Leadership Brand differentiators namely Together, Innovating, Trusted and Excellence.

The Leadership codes are:

·       Human Capital Developer: To build on the next generation

·       Strategist: Shape the future

·       Talent Manager: Engage today’s talent

·       Executor: Make this happen

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