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Strategic Visioning
Visioning is considered as a first step in the strategy development process. It uses valuable employee inputs to define the strategic thrust of an organisation. In doing so, it also generates employee commitment around organisational objectives. In a world which is changing at an ever increasing speed, organisations need to consider whether they are using their resources in the best possible way to meet the needs of their stakeholders.

Who can make use of Strategic Visioning?
Corporate sector
Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs)

Networking promotes the philosophy of collaboration. It is particularly effective to:
Bring together people, institutions and enterprises that can team up to produce a broader range of ideas to meet changing market exigencies;
Sharing experiences and expertise of one another;
It eventually leads to the development of an array of opportunities to increase competitiveness to retain or acquire new market.

Who can make use of networking?

Civic Action Teams (CATs)
CATs uses Quality Circle techniques. It consists of a group of person (3-15) who voluntarily come together to identify a problem in their everyday life, analyse it, come up with solutions, shoulder responsibility of implementing them while having fun doing it. The greatest qualities of CATs are that it is result-oriented and encourages teamwork. In Mauritius, CATs is very popular in the educational sector. It encourages students to work in teams and use brainstorming techniques to produce a multitude of ideas relating to any specific problem.

However, it is a not a tool that should be confined to the education sector only.

Who can make use of CATs?

ICT Application
The NPCC has developed a programme known as English Literacy using Information Technology (ELIT) for women aged above 15 years old. This course requires women to have at least five years of primary schooling. Its objectives is to bridge the digital divide and raise the level of functional English of young girls and women. At the end of the course, the women are able to communicate using Information Technology, apply productivity tools in the environment taking into consideration issues on nutrition, health and hygiene, manage their budget and plan their professional life.

Where is ELIT useful?
Among Low skilled workers at enterprise level

Gemba Kaizen
Gemba Kaizen operates on the basis of a low-cost approach. Everyone can use Kaizen principles to bring an improvement to their lives and to increase productivity in the long run. Technically, we speak of a process whereby we constantly identify, reduce or eliminate muda (non-value adding activities) to reduce costs and offer better products and/or services. In a similar language, it boils down to identifying problems around oneself and solve them by using ‘common sense’ type of tools. The application of Kaizen principles leads to small incremental changes that create a big difference to our lives.

Where it can be used?
At the workplace

The 5S is a tool that best suits the requirements for a clean, orderly and disciplined environment. It is a tool with Japanese roots, focused on fostering and sustaining high quality house-keeping. In the workplace, 5S stands for:
Seiri (Sorting)
Seiton (Systematic arrangement)
Seiso (Spic & Span)
Seiketsu (Standardise)
Shitsuke (Self discipline)

Where it can be used?
At the workplace

Benchmarking refers to the identification and implementation for industry best practices that leads to enhanced performance. It involves (a) self-evaluation of key processes that would enable one to achieve strategic goals and objectives; (b) identifying gaps between the current productivity performance and the target performance (or the productivity performance of leading organisations) and finally (c) learning from others and implementation of actions to close the gap in order to achieve higher productivity and profitability levels.

Where it can be used?
Educational institutions
Medical institutions, etc.

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