The Design Thinking workshop enables participants to move from the conventional problem-solving practices to one that focuses deeply on the human process that taps into attitudes we all have but often overlooked. Design Thinking is all about coming up with new ideas. It can be used in many disciplines as a systematic approach to innovation and creative problem-solving. The workshop helps participants to applies the methodologies of design to challenges in business and society, which makes it central to innovation and creativity.

12 Hours 

• To learn and understand the concepts of Design Thinking
• To learn and apply the steps of Design Thinking in creating innovative solutions and strategies
• To learn and apply the tools in each steps of Design Thinking in projects


Managers, officers and staff engaged in operation, planning and innovation.

• Create innovative solutions that better meet customers’ needs and bring a competitive advantage
• Develop a culture of innovation in teams that breaks the silos and embraces empathy and co-creation
• Reduce risks in projects, using a collaborative and iterative approach

• An overview of the Innovation Methodology - Design Thinking Process
• Using empathy with the team to identify opportunities for innovation
• Defining the problem/opportunity for innovation
• Using ideation to generate a variety of solution
• Defining criteria for selecting the best solution(s)
• Prototyping
• Testing with end-users/Evaluation of prototype/Design

• Participant Manual
• Training Material
• Certificate
• ½ day feedback

Course Details & Registration

  • NPCC Training Room, Ebène
  • TBA
  • 09h00 - 16h00
  • Rs. 0 Inclusive of lunch and refreshments
  • MQA Approved

For more information call on 4677700


Participant's Details

Payment Method

Note: Cheques should be drawn to the order of the National Productivity and Competitiveness Council. Payment should be made prior to the beginning of the course.

Terms of Payment
Full amount should be paid upon registration. Participant will only be registered upon receipt of the duly filled registration form and the payment. The full fee will be charged for cancellation after the deadline date. .

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