The Target Group and Project Roll-Out (2023)

The main target group for the NLE project is youth aged 18 and above. Most of the participants registered have at least reached the secondary school level. In many cases, parents have strongly provided necessary support to motivate youths to participate in the NLE project. Most of the participants completing successfully the NLE project are motivated to do more projects at the community level.

Download a copy of the Participant Manual.

Project roll-out
The NLE project has been rolled out in three phases. The IGNITE phase consists of the training of trainers to become leader trainers.

During the DRIVE phase, the NLE participants along with their trainers had to demonstrate their leadership skills by conceptualising and implementing community-based projects in their locality.

The INSPIRE phase consists of the National Leadership Engine Convention whereby the top three projects selected out of the 11 presented will be awarded cash prizes. All participants will be handed over a certificate while the best project in each Youth Centre will be receiving a trophy.


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