Mauritius officially becomes the 14th member of the ICQCC

Singapore, 24 October 2018: Mauritius, through the National Productivity and Competitiveness Council (NPCC) has been officially admitted yesterday as the 14th member of the International Convention on Quality Control Circles (ICQCC). The Core Country Meeting of the ICQCC that took place on Wednesday in Singapore on the sidelines of the 2018 edition of the ICQCC, validated the membership of Mauritius with full support and proposition from India. The proposition was seconded by the Philippines and Bangladesh.

“It is indeed a tremendous feat for a small country like Mauritius to step in this international league that focuses on productivity, quality and innovation. It was important for Mauritius to have a presence in this coalition in a bid to put our island on the world map of productivity and quality. This membership will also open opportunities for future networking between the NPCC and the other member countries,” says Mr. Deepak Balgobin, the Executive Director of the NPCC.

Mr. Balgobin is leading the Mauritian delegation comprising some 30 representatives of the six National Productivity and Quality Convention (NPQC 2018) winning teams. The current edition of ICQCC is being hosted by the Singapore Productivity Association (SPA) from 22 to 25 October. The event intends to showcase cutting-edge trends, projects and practices embraced by teams across the globe, spanning a wide variety of business improvement applications in today’s age of digitization and economic disruption.

The event is indeed presenting itself as an exquisite platform for the Mauritian participants to discover how member countries of the ICQCC are revolutionizing their public and private sectors through productivity and quality projects.

“The experience that we will all be getting through this exposure will help us a lot back home. We have this unique opportunity to learn from the experiences of giant corporations from member countries. We can definitely adopt their techniques and know-how locally. I have no doubt that our participation will have a strong impact on our operations which we can also share with other organisations in Mauritius,” Mr. Balgobin says.

The 13 members of the ICQCC include Bangladesh, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand.

Over the last 42 years, the ICQCC has been regarded as the de facto international event for work improvement teams to pitch their projects to an independent pool of international assessors, with the intent of attaining international recognition and cross-learning. Annually, ICQCC attracts between an average of 1,500 delegates from more than 330 teams across the 13 economies and beyond.

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