The workshop on Supply Chain Management focuses on how effective supply chain management can be a powerful differentiator for companies. The course will help participants understand how supply chain as a network of businesses and people that work together, move raw materials into finished goods and eventually to the end-user.

12 Hours

• To reduce supply chain cost
• To learn how to manage supply chain risk
• To move away from competition to collaboration
• To have flexible planning and control procedure

Supply chain managers, supervisors, managers and team leaders

• Higher efficiency rate
• Reduce cost effects
• Boost cooperation
• Lowers delay in processes

• Importance of Supply Chain Management
• Highlight possibilities for cost and time gains within a firm’s internal stock management process
• Tools to model the firm’s supply chain and outline critical links within it
• Analysis, discussion and Action Plan of each participant firms’ supply chain on an individual basis

• Participant Manual
• Training Material
• Certificate
• ½ day feedback

Course Details & Registration

  • NPCC Training Room, Ebène
  • TBA
  • 09h00 - 16h00
  • Rs. 0 Inclusive of lunch and refreshments
  • MQA Approved

For more information call on 467 7700


Participant's Details

Payment Method

Note: Cheques should be drawn to the order of the National Productivity and Competitiveness Council. Payment should be made prior to the beginning of the course.

Terms of Payment
Full amount should be paid upon registration. Participant will only be registered upon receipt of the duly filled registration form and the payment. The full fee will be charged for cancellation after the deadline date. .

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