Mise en opération du NPCC

Productivity Week in Mauritius and Rodrigues
Muda Free Mauritius Campaign
First Convention of Civic Action Teams (CATs) for Education sector

Lancement du Computer Proficiency Programme (CPP)
Projet de Clustering dans l'industrie du textile

TEST (Textile Emergency Support Team) Evaluation Report pour 52 Enterprises
Lancement du MUDA Free Public Service
Participation des équipes gagnantes au CATS Convention at International Convention on Students Quality Control Circle, India (ICSQCC)

Première édition du Innovators Mauritius Award 
National Innovation Summit
Competitiveness Foresight

Première édition de l'InnovEd (Innovation for the Education Sector)

Lancement de la National Networking Policy and Strategy
Lancement d'EconProbe
Dévéloppement du "Roadmap for Exports of Services by the Commonwealth Secretariat"

ELIT Programme
Premier Innovation and Cluster Competitiveness Symposium
Collaboration avec la Connecticut Invention Convention, USA, for InnovEd

Model Companies Project avec le Japan Productivity Centre (JPC)
Lancement du Productivity and Competitiveness Academy

Green School Project
Labour Management Corporation Workshop

MUDA Free Workplace Programme
Social Network of Housekeepers Project
Lancement du "Lifelong Learning for Women's Empowerment"
Dévéloppement du Learning Material on Good Agricultural Practices
Promoting Employee Involvement through Quality Circles and Suggestion Schemes

National Productivity Campaign
Creation of Value through Capacity Building
Partenariat avec E-Inclusion Foundation and Microsoft Indian Ocean Islands and French Pacific
Business English for National Women Entrepreneur Council
Providing assistance for the Mauritius Business Excellence Award

Growth Opportunities for Small and Medium Enterprises (GoSME)
NPCC Productivity Award

Tom Peters Workshop on "Leading your workplace, leading your workforce"
Robert Kaplan Workshop on "Strategy and Execution, the Balance Scorecard"
First edition of NPCC Productivity Award
Strategic Development for Kolectif Riviere Nwar
Roadshows - Bringing Productivity to the people

Dave Ulrich: Strategy, Talent and Leadership for Growth
Workshop on Emotional Well Being is Everybody’s Business
Social Leadership Training
Mauritius: The Gateway to Africa-Increasing Productivity; Building Leadership
Building a culture of Continuous Improvement
Build your Business

NPCC-AMM partnership 
Gap Analysis for Association des Hotels de Charme 
Service Blueprint for CDU 
Branding of Health Track and Recreation Facilities at St Felix public beach 
Dr. Debashis Chatterjee from IIM Lukhnow 

Advance Productivity Practitioners course 
Future of Productivity by Dr. Santhi Kanoktanaporn
Grooming Young Mauritian Leaders 
NPCC E-knowledge centre
Knowledge Exchange - Feed Your Mind initiative
Productivity Enhancement in Rodrigues 
InnovED 2017
InnovED 2016 Awards
Development of strategic action plan for Cité Ste Catherine 
ICT for Innovation 
English Literacy Using Information Technology 
Customer Care training for NTC
Advance Change Management and Actionable Analytics for Process Excellence 
Model companies project 
Seminar on ‘Productivity Improvement Strategies
in Japan: New Trends and Experiences of Management and Production Techniques’

Japanese Kaizen concept for productivity improvement in Mauritian companies
National Productivity and Quality Convention 2018 
Research on “Ageing Workforce: Challenges and Opportunities for the Republic of Mauritius” 
Enhancing the competitive position of Mauritius: Laying the foundation for the next quantum leap 
Workshop on Disruption, disintermediation and digital 
Leadership programmes for the public sector 
Workshop on women participation in the economy
Sensitisation on leadership for young people
Brainstorming on Barriers to Innovation 
Internet of things (IOT): ICT for Innovation 
Higher Productivity for Young Entrepreneurs 
Innovation and Problem Solving at ENL group 
Sensitisation on Innovation and Creativity for
Harel Mallac group 
Creativity and Innovation for Rodriguan students
National Leadership Engine (NLE) 
Java programming for young students 
Workshop on “Inventing Your Future...The Next Steps?” and “Achieving Success through Education”
Training on Augmented Reality with EON Reality

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