Productivity quote of the day: "Ideas are one of the ways to gain a real competitive advantage, but the top management executive need not furnish the ideas himself." by Marvin Bower
The 4 frontline departments which actively interact with the constituents, organizations and the public in general are:
The NPCC embarks on the Competitiveness Foresight Exercise

The National Productivity and Competitiveness Council (NPCC) has embarked on the Competitiveness Foresight Exercise with the objective to provide new  orientations and to craft strategies to initiate the transformation of Mauritius into a more competitive and resilient economy. This is expected to promote inclusive growth and accelerate the country’s transition into a high income economy.   The Competitiveness Foresight Exercise, themed “Enhancing the competitive position of Mauritius: Laying the foundation for the next quantum leap” will focus on opportunities and risks alike and emphasises the interrelations between the technological, economic, social, politic ...

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Productivity Tools
5S, 7W, QC, ESS, IE, commonly known as KAIZEN tools, are foundations for productivity improvement. With these basic tools a company can become both effective and efficient. Kaizen means continuous improvement in quality, technology, process, company culture, productivity and leadership. It comes from the Japanese word “Kai” which means “change” or to “correct” and “zen” which means “good”. The word Kaizen means “continuous improvement”.
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