ECO Efficiency
Eco-efficiency is based on the withstanding principles of the use of high efficiency production technology and methods, the use of less natural resources and energy for the same amount of production and the production of less waste.  With this property, eco-efficiency does not just address environmental concerns, instead it also addresses “preservation of natural resources”, “industrial efficiency” and “economic development”.   In short, eco-efficiency provides both environmental and economic benefits through production efficiency.

In the eco-efficiency approach, once waste has been generated instead of using disposal and treatment which are set forth in the “end-of-the-pipe method” a more integrative and pro-active approach involving a broad range of prescribed management involving environmental impact product design, buying preferences and production processes.

Eco-efficiency conceptually corresponds to the “Cleaner Production” approach.  In each of the two concepts, during the production process “natural resources and energy consumption”, “toxic and hazardous chemical use” and “waste, waste water and emission generation” are to be minimized in some manner of controlling means. Eco-efficiency can be defined as being related to that which is done by industrialists for production efficiency, which aids in the assimilation of the concepts of eco-efficiency.  It is for this reason that the concepts of “Eco-efficiency” and “Cleaner Production” are used interchangeably.
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