The NPCC officially started a Muda Free Mauritius Campaign on 30 May 2001. Muda is a Japanese word for any action that blocks the smooth flow of activity; or any activity that is non-productive or non-value adding and eliminating Muda is part of the implementation of Gemba Kaizen.

The first Muda-Free Mauritius campaign proposes the “use of electricity smartly” theme as a concrete example to promote the concept of Muda and the idea of “Mudabusting”. Communication tools support that first Muda-Free Mauritius campaign: direct presentations to audiences, distribution of visual material (posters and flyers), press, radio and TV spots and advertisement in the press and on billboards.

The Campaign was officially launched on 30 May 2001, the President of the Republic Mr Cassam Uteem, at the State House. Mr Uteem, Mr Jose Poncini G.O.S.K, chairman of NPCC, Mr Nikhil Treebhoohun, Executive Director of NPCC and Mr Jaynath Murthy, Regional Director of the KAIZEN Institute, addressed the floor. Mr Vinod Grover, Regional director of the KAIZEN Institute was also present. A message from Mr Maasaki Imai, director of the KAIZEN Institute was read on that occasion. He praised Mauritius for being the first State to have a national campaign on Muda reduction and elimination.

With a view to continually sensitise the population on productivity both at national level as well as at micro level in different sectors of activities of the Mauritian economy, and in order to highlight the importance of productivity to economic growth and competitiveness as well as to galvanise organisations and individuals to think productivity and act on it, the NPCC launched a National Productivity Campaign 2012-2013 in October 2012.

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