Important dates for NPQC 2019




Launching NPQC


28 March 2019

Deadline Registration


25 April 2019

Training - SME (including micro-SMEs)


23 April & 2 May 2019

Training - Government, parastatals and registered associations

24 April & 3 May 2019

Training – Large Companies

25 April & 7 May 2019

Technical Selection


28 & 29 May 2019

Final selection and Award Night

31 May 2019

ICQCC Tokyo, Japan


23 to 26 September 2019

Technical Sessions
Technical sessions will be assessed in 3 categories
Category 1: Micro Enterprises and Small and Medium private enterprises
Category 2: Large private enterprises
Category 3: Government bodies/parastatals/registered associations.

Technical presentations
  • Case studies/improvement projects will be presented by teams (minimum number of participants per team is 2 and maximum number of participants is 5) in parallel sessions according to a predetermined time table during a 2-day convention on the 28th and 29th May 2019.
  • Teams will be assessed as per the criteria established for the NPQC 2019.
  • Presentation schedules will be communicated to you before the technical sessions.
  • The presentation should be of 20 minutes including set up time and 5 minutes for questions and answers from the jurors for a total of 20 minutes per slot.
  • One (1) timekeeper and one (1) moderator will be present in each room.
  • Commentaries and feed backs from the audience on the presentation will not be offered.
  • Each technical session presentation will be evaluated by three (3) local judges.

  • Power Point Presentations/Project Book must be in English.
  • Presentations can be in English, French or Creole with power point, videos, role plays etc.
  • There is no limitation on the number of slides to be presented, however, please keep in mind that the presentation must be completed in 20 minutes.
  • A deduction of one (1) full point will apply for every minute in excess of the presentation time.
  • It is important that the teams bring three (3) printed full project report and annexures for use by the judges.

  • Presenting teams shall bring their soft presentations to the NPCC one week before the technical sessions which will be compiled as per the order of the presentations. One (1) LCD projector and two microphones will be available inside the room where the competition will be held.
  • Note that clicker gadget will be provided.
  • In order to prepare for the unexpected, all teams are expected to bring a backup of their presentation.

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