InnovED 2018 launched

Ebène, 22 February, 2017: The National Productivity and Competitiveness Council (NPCC) launched InnovED 2018, taking the level of the contest to a yet higher level from the 2017 edition by incorporating tools and innovations that focus on the theory of multiple intelligences. The ceremony was attended by students and teachers as well as representatives of ministries and other institutions.


InnovED 2018 showcases an array of online learning materials on creativity as well as innovation that include puzzles, games, quizzes, lesson plans and self-assessments that are targeted towards both students and teachers. Another innovation in the 2018 edition includes the ability for students to access these learning materials through mobile devices.


Invitations are now open to secondary institutions and Mauritius Institute of Training and Development (MITD) centres both in Mauritius and Rodrigues to participate in the contest which will culminate with an award ceremony in June this year.


The objective of InnovED, which is a joint collaboration between the NPCC, the Ministry of Education and Human Resources, Tertiary Education and Scientific Research and the MITD, is to foster a culture of innovation which is in line with the NPCC’s 2016-2019 Strategic Plan.


Mr. Deepak Balgobin, the Executive Director of the NPCC, laid strong emphasis on the importance of innovation to trigger higher economic growth in his opening speech at the event.


Remember that no country is innovative by nature, and no economic region has become innovative by pumping resources into them. They can only be created, designed and re-designed. NPCC is indeed committed to fuel this creativity and innovation engine. With the right attitude and enthusiasm, I have no doubt that we can achieve this objective,” Mr. Balgobin pointed out in his opening speech.


InnovEd does not just promote hands-on learning. In fact, InnovEd has been re-structured to provide opportunities for our students to expand what they have in mind, build their ideas into reality, and through that process, learn many important concepts beyond the classroom for application in the real world,” he added.


The launch of InnovED 2018 was also marked by the award ceremony for InnovED 2017. The previous edition saw the participation of 13 secondary institutions including two MITD centres. It is to be recalled that InnovED 2017 was launched last year in a new dimension through an online platform ( for sharing and collaborating. There were some 119 students and 48 facilitators who registered in the platform and involved in different innovative projects.


Tools to facilitate participating teams were hosted online on the e-learning platform that helped to foster creativity among students. The projects were showcased with prototypes and social media was used for on-going communication among teams and participants throughout the duration of the project.


The winners of InnovED 2017 were also announced at the ceremony. They are as follows:

Winner category MITD: Professor B.S Upadhyaya Training Centre

Project: Mini portable cooler box

Winner category Lower VI: Hindu Girls College

Project: Foldable bin

Winner category Upper VI: Soondur Manrakhan College

Project: Clean water and sanitation project

Please click here to read the full speech of the Executive Director, Mr. Deepak Balgobin, at the event.

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