The NPCC embarks on the Competitiveness Foresight Exercise

The National Productivity and Competitiveness Council (NPCC) has embarked on the Competitiveness Foresight Exercise with the objective to provide new  orientations and to craft strategies to initiate the transformation of Mauritius into a more competitive and resilient economy. This is expected to promote inclusive growth and accelerate the country’s transition into a high income economy.


The Competitiveness Foresight Exercise, themed “Enhancing the competitive position of Mauritius: Laying the foundation for the next quantum leap” will focus on opportunities and risks alike and emphasises the interrelations between the technological, economic, social, political and cultural sectors of society. It is also based on the philosophy that future developments are contingent on human actions and decisions and attempts to explore the space for human actions and interventions to shape the future.


It is in this context that a two-day brainstorming workshop will take place on 26 and 27 September at the Sofitel Mauritius L'Imperial Resort and Spa. The two-day workshop will trigger thinking and provide the platform to key stakeholders from the public, private and other relevant sectors to reflect upon the current competitiveness status of the country.


The workshop will be facilitated by Mr. Abdulla Verachia from South Africa. Mr. Verachia is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of The Strategists, a company that assists companies and organisations craft competitive future strategies. He has significant expertise in strategy, competitiveness and sector trends and facilitates a number of high level strategy sessions and breakaways for companies and governments and also speaks globally in this area.


Prior to the brainstorming workshop, the NPCC has already started consultations with local stakeholders to gather their views and proposals for a new competitive orientation for Mauritius. These views and proposals have been compiled and submitted to the facilitator who will, during the two day-workshop, help identify and map out four priority focus areas as well as the creation of an action plan and task team for each of the priority area.


The expected result of this Competitiveness Foresight Exercise is the development of a comprehensive national competitiveness strategy which can be used to guide future policy decisions and actions.


Mr. Verachia will also deliver a lecture during a public seminar on the theme “Disruption, Disintermediation and Digital. Crafting Competitive Strategy In A Complex And Rapidly Evolving Environment”. The seminar will be organized by the NPCC in collaboration with the University of Mauritius at the R. Burrenchobay Lecture Theatre on Friday 29 September at 1630 Hrs.


The NPCC has a mandate to drive the productivity and quality movement with a view to raise national output and achieve sustained growth and international competitiveness. Amid the unprecedented volatilities in the global economic landscape, we deem it necessary to gauge the pulse of the local economy at this present moment and to draw the contours for a more competitive Mauritius in the years to come,” says Mr. Dev Appalswamy, the Officer in Charge of the NPCC. He adds that Mauritius has to improve its preparedness against uncertain developments and strengthen its capabilities to take full advantage of the upturn and stay competitive in the long term.


It is to be recalled that a first edition of the Competitiveness Foresight Exercise was conducted in 2004 and followed the National Innovation Summit organised by the NPCC that was themed “Finding new sources of competitiveness”. The former Competitiveness Foresight Exercise had set the tone for the future orientations of the economy at that time and studied issues linked to the limits of production possibilities, innovation, competencies and resources. 

Click here for the opening remarks of the Officer in Charge of the NPCC, Mr. Dev Appalswamy at the workshop at the Sofitel Mauritius L'Imperial Resort and Spa.

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