The NPCC organises a Knowledge Sharing session for SMEs

Ebène, 1 September, 2017: The National Productivity and Competitiveness Council (NPCC) gathered operators of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) on Thursday at the Hennessy Park Hotel in the context of a Knowledge Sharing Seminar which aimed at showcasing the progress and performance achieved after the implementation of the NPCC’s Productivity and Quality Improvement Programme (PQIP).

The NPCC had signed an agreement in July 2016 with Enterprise Mauritius (EM) to implement the PQIP in 20 SMEs shortlisted by EM. To date, 18 companies have completed the implementation of the PQIP and the NPCC is still intervening in two companies. The 20 companies were shortlisted from a total of 43 SMEs which benefited from a free walk through survey by the NPCC. The areas of improvement included productivity, quality, strategy, finance, 5S (good housekeeping) inventory management and marketing.

The following companies were showcased during the seminar:

-Pere Laval: PQIP on Marketing and Finance

-Kanyhe Health Foods: PQIP on Strategic Planning

-Pom d’or: PQIP on Planning and 5S

-Hampa Ltd: PQIP on Quality

-AAH Upholstery Ltd: PQIP on Good Housekeeping through 5S

“Our experience from the Growth Opportunities for SMEs project shows that it is absolutely necessary for small and medium enterprises to continuously upgrade their capabilities and expertise. This is essential for Mauritius to move towards productivity growth and sustained competitiveness and thus continue raising our standard of living,” said the Officer in Charge of the NPCC, Mr. Dev Appalswamy in his speech. 

He explained further that the implementation of a PQIP is an exercise full of challenges but the results of such a transformative effort not only improves productivity and competitiveness but more importantly makes the organisation resilient specially during trying times.

The NPCC handed certificates to the operators of the SMEs at the end of the Knowledge Sharing Seminar. The NPCC has also compiled a full report on the implementation of the project in the SMEs which was submitted to the Chief Executive Officer of EM, Mr. Arvind Radhakrishna during the seminar.

The chairman of the NPCC, Mr. Sanjiv Mulloo, an entrepreneur himself, praised the SMEs for their contribution in the economy and for their dedication to performance and excellence. “SMEs have a bigger role to play in our economy and it is for this reason, they should not leave any stone unturned to make themselves more productive and competitive. Our project with EM goes in that very direction to accompany SMEs in their productivity journey and to help them compete beyond the Mauritian market,” he pointed out.

The Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Financial Services, Good Governance and Institutional Reforms, Mr. Mohummad Shamad Ayoob Saab lauded the partnership between the NPCC and EM, which according to him, shows a clear example of joint commitment and productive collaboration between government organisations.

“It has become crucial for all stakeholders and facilitators to join hands together to accompany businesses in their journey. The constantly evolving business landscape implies that it is out of question for each and every one of us to work in isolation. Isolation is no answer to growth. Collective efforts remain the key sustainability and better productivity,” he affirmed in his speech.

The PQIP is a flagship service delivered by the NPCC to help local businesses increase their productivity and competitiveness. It comprises in-plant consultancy solutions with practical training to continuously improve the effectiveness of organisations. The PQIP focuses on improving the performance of people and processes. Under the PQIP, the NPCC assesses business needs and assists the entrepreneur to align people and processes to deliver business results and secure significant gains.

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