The NPCC gathers stakeholders to discuss about 'Creative Industries'

Ebène, 26 May 2017: The National Productivity and Competitiveness Council (NPCC) gathered industry captains and different stakeholders on Thursday 25 May to discuss and share their views on ways and means to bring the local ‘creative industries’ to a new height.

A presentation was conducted at the office of the NPCC by seasoned advertising professional, Florent Beusse, who shared the findings and observations of Elise Mignot, former director of the Institut Français de Maurice (IFM) and founder of Stubborn in Dreams, a company specialised in the development of artistic projects.

Creative industries comprise a host of artistic fields including advertising, architecture, art, crafts, design, fashion, film, music, performing arts, publishing, Research and Development (R&D), software, toys and games, TV and radio and video games.

The NPCC’s initiative to inject a new wave of productivity into this highly potential industry has been motivated by the exponential growth that this industry has observed over the years in different parts of the world. For instance, Nollywood, the film industry of Nigeria, which makes up the largest segment of the creative industries of the Nigerian economy, has succeeded in putting the country on the world map of the cinema industry.

Stakeholders at the presentation shared their views on the different challenges facing the local creative industries and the possible means to give a new breath of air to this activity that could contribute massively into our economy. Examples from abroad, for instance, Bilbao in Spain and Greenwich Village in New York were portrayed to show how dormant localities became artistic and creative hubs through the development and promotion of artistic projects.

However, they also expressed their apprehension that children are not acquainted and imbibed properly with their own Mauritian culture. This becomes at a later stage a difficult process to enliven this culture and subsequently to reinforce the overall creative industries. 

The creative industries have a bright future in Mauritius when we consider the number of creative professionals who have emerged over the past years. This represents a pool of talents that can be regrouped together to formalise the creative industries in Mauritius and give it the proper incentives to become a full-fledged industry in its own right,” says Mr. Sanjiv Mulloo, the chairman of the NPCC. 

The NPCC intends to trigger a thinking process about how we can revitalise this particular industry. We can take examples from emerging creative industries hub that can inspire us to give a wider dimension to this sector. The presentation on creative industries has been a successful exercise that has helped in situating the potentials of the industry and how structures and practices could be improved to give it the boost that it needs,” explains Mr. Dev Appalswamy, Officer in Charge of the NPCC.

The minister of Arts and Culture, Mr. Prithvirajsing Roopun, who was also present at the event, assured the stakeholders that the government has already taken the steps towards making Mauritius a cultural hub, which implies that the creative industries will have a crucial role to play in the coming years. 

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