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Publish on: 26 Aug 2015
Brainstorming is an effective way to discover incredible new ideas and take your life and your business in incredible new directions. It is a very powerful tool designed to generate a large number of creative ideas in a very short period of time. This technique encourages participation, the generation of free flowing ideas, and opens people’s thinking and perspective on issue of interest. In nearly any situation and with nearly any issue, brainstorming can perform miracles as long as the situation or issue is clear and specific. If you have multiple problems that need solving, multiple goals to achieve, then consider holding separate brainstorming sessions for each of them.
CSR and Social Innovation
Publish on: 18 Aug 2015
Poverty, economic decline, global climate change and ageing population are challenges faced by our country. These social problems need “social innovations” as countermeasures. Social innovation is a way of thinking that draws upon the expertise, entrepreneurial spirit and commitment of many sectors working together – nonprofit, private, government – with innovative ways of doing business.
Productivity in Agriculture
Publish on: 11 Aug 2015
According to the guidelines of FAO Good Agricultural Practices, there are eleven categories of farm resource concerns and activities that must be well managed.
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