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Productivity in the Banking sector and credit to SMEs
Publish on: 30 Oct 2015
SMEs have strongly contributed to the economic development of Mauritius, yet many face financing problems, by comparison with large enterprises, in obtaining credit from banks as they often have relatively weak financial backing and may lack collateral. To meet these problems, the Government has developed a number of schemes and facilities in terms of finance, skill enhancement and provision of logistics to promote the SME sector in Mauritius. The problems of both access to and cost of finance has been addressed through collaboration between banks and the Government in the implementation of the SME Financing Scheme in December 2011, in line with a policy set out in the November 2011 Budget. This measure was specifically aimed at addressing the high cost of credit faced by the SME sector that was jeopardising its growth, profitability and competitiveness.
Green Productivity to help improve the bottom line of companies
Publish on: 19 Oct 2015
Increased environment pressure and awareness now require industries to meet tighter environmental standards and in many cases such requirements cannot be met by end of pipe treatment of wastes. Nowadays there is a paradigm shift from pollution control (End of Pipe thinking) to pollution prevention strategies. One such attempt at pollution prevention rather than pollution control is the Green Productivity programme which takes into consideration the whole value stream during production, identifies the different stages and circumstances through which waste is generated and appropriate solutions are subsequently applied to stop generating waste at source in an attempt to reduce or eliminate air, water, and land pollution in an efficient and sustainable manner.
Marketing and Marketing Analytics
Publish on: 13 Oct 2015
Marketing is a crucial part of operations for many enterprises. It helps your company stand out from competitors and it can support long term business growth. However, many businesses fail to evaluate the success of their marketing efforts. To get the most out of your marketing investment, you must implement tactics designed to measure the success of each campaign.
Importance of having standards to improve quality in an SME
Publish on: 05 Oct 2015
Many companies implement quality standards to ensure that their operations are as efficient as possible. In Mauritius we find that in most cases it is mainly large companies which are internationally certified (ISO) and ensure a competitive advantage on the market. The question to be asked is how to encourage middle and small companies to implement standards so that they can be more efficient and achieve the same world-class quality management as larger companies (be internationally recognized).
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