From employees to brand ambassadors

Publish on: 03 Aug 2017

As an entrepreneur or a manager, did it ever come to you that there might be a significant link between your brand and your employees? Indeed, the daily chores at workplace which take us in the thick of delivering our tasks amid the fear of crossing our deadlines would certainly relegate this reflection to a backseat.

After all, why would such a question pop up out of nowhere especially at a moment when getting what our customers have ordered to them on time is the urgency of the moment? However, the question is legitimately relevant in that it makes us realise to what extent it is crucial to nurture the bond between our employees and the very brand that gives an identity to our core products. And the answer lies in everything they are doing in their workplace, right from the biggest visible task to the tiniest invisible things that are part of their daily activities.

Brand experts have concluded that employees are the real ambassadors of our brand as they have a unique perspective on it. They are the people who bring our brand to life. As branding guru Simon Middleton put it, “getting your staff to believe in your brand […] is about authentic engagement coupled with genuine empowerment.”

And we must agree that there is a whole science behind turning our employees into our brand ambassadors. 

1. For any start-up, it is important to keep employees involved at every stage of the branding process. No matter you are a start-up or existing business, the employees should feel a bond emerging between them and the company they are working for.

2. And let’s admit it too that focus groups and team meetings with seniors of the company are an excellent way to help employees feel engaged and listened to.

3. And it’s of utmost importance that employees are aware of the brand’s ‘raison d’être’ and to share as much information as possible around it among them.

4. You must also let them know why things are happening the way they are and how their jobs will be affected.

5. Nevertheless the best way to keep them posted is naturally to ask them about what you can do to make them better ambassadors for the company.

But this list is definitely not exhaustive. There are certainly many more ways to encourage your employees in becoming the real advocates for your brand. 

“Awareness is fine, but advocacy will take your business to the next level”, says Joe Tripodi, chief marketing officer of the Coca Cola Company. And no wonder, your employees can do it better than you. 

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