Productivity in Agriculture

Publish on: 11 Aug 2015

Agricultural productivity (Farm efficiency) = Agricultural outputs / Agricultural inputs

According to the guidelines of FAO Good Agricultural Practices, there are eleven categories of farm resource concerns and activities that must be well managed.

These include:

 1. Soil,
 2. Water,
 3. Crop production,
 4. Crop protection,
 5. Animal production,
 6. Animal health,
 7. Animal welfare,
 8. Harvest and On-farm Processing and Storage,
 9. Energy and Waste Management,
 10. Human Welfare Health and Safety, and
 11. Wildlife and Landscape.
Do you think these categories are enough to increase Agricultural Productivity in Mauritius? What more can be added to benchmark the level of compliance to the guidelines?
site history and site management/ Traceability along the food chain
by Shane Hardowar on 14 Aug 2015
The formula for Agricultural productivity (Farm efficiency): Agricultural outputs / Agricultural inputs may be slightly modified in order to provide economic productivity measures. The total economic productivity measure of a farm or agri entrepreneur is : Total turnover / The cost of all inputs. A result of >1 will indicate that the enterprise is economically productive.
by Ram Jutliah on 26 Nov 2016
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